About Us

Modern Plastic Surgery and Med Spa of Miami is the first of its kind. A unique plastic surgery facility located in the heart of the City of Doral and blessed city of Doral building officials. This luxurious center opens from Monday through Saturday offering services from surgical procedures to noninvasive procedures such as injectables. From round-the-clock medical staff to VIP packages with transportation service, Modern has it all. The team of doctor’s is hand-picked by the private board composed of South Florida based healthcare providers looking to create a physician dream team providing only the best for our clients.

This state-of-the-art facility was designed with tranquility and luxury in mind to give our client’s a private intimate experience no matter their price point. Created for our clients by our elite board of providers and top designers to ensure that every corner is filled with elegance and grace to give even our unique VIPs an A-list experience. 

The center boasts seven injectable treatment rooms, four ORs equipped with top-of-the-line technology that overlook the city skyline, four massage areas and two lobbies. Whether you’re a Modern client or a Modern VIP, we guarantee that your results will be nothing less than the five-star standard we provide. Our brand new center includes Standard and VIP rooms to offer our exclusive clients the experience they deserve. Amenities such as private valet parking and private entrance allow for complete privacy. 

Who we are

Modern Plastic Surgery and Med Spa is taking the industry to a new level, high-end sophisticated, classy, exclusive, and most importantly discreet. Beauty is for you and your secret is our secret. We’re not your average plastic surgery facility or Spa in Miami. This is not your average center providing basic results. Modern Plastic Surgery & Med Spa is for the upscale clientele looking to touch up, rejuvenate or enhance their already existing beauty. At Modern Plastic Surgery & Med Spa you are ageless.

At Modern, we believe that beauty is a journey best guided by professionals which is why we take you by the hand from the minute you book with one of our doctors. From a caring voice on the other end of the phone to ensuring your logistical needs from travel to hotel are met. Need a ride? We’ve got your back. We’ll handle all the worries and concerns so our clients can focus on recovery. 

Our menu features invasive and noninvasive procedures such as botox and dermal fillers but our facility also focuses on plastic surgery and post-op recovery. From massages to 24-hour medical assistance to private transportation, Modern Plastic Surgery and Med Spa has it all. 


At Modern Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we have the most competitive medical team in town. We are proud of the curated team of doctors we’ve hand selected to be a part of our caring team. With over 50 years of experience combined, our surgeons’ skills and results are unmatched in the industry. 

A master cannot create without quality equipment which is why at Modern Plastic Surgery & Med Spa we have the relationships with the top-tier brands that lead the industry. From the highest quality implants and canulas available on the market to hypoallergenic threads in-house to ensure the highest quality experience for each and every client. (Only FDA products and Certified equipment )

Our team is tested by the industry with years of experience and outstanding results. We offer you a wide array of surgical and non-surgical services to make Modern Plastic Surgery & Med Spa a One-Stop-Shop. 


We have a method to the madness and this is why we get to know our client’s from the minute we engage. Our highly trained staff of surgical consultants and beauty coordinators are equipped with the technological tools and resources to be able to match our clients’ procedures to their needs and wants. 

Our three-step process to determine our client’s eligibility allows us to collect a set of data to review with the doctor before the first visual telehealth consult. Clients are requested to arrive in town 2 days prior to surgery to meet with the doctor in-person and discuss medications, diet, and review the very details for surgery .

We understand your needs and priorities better than any other surgery center. At Modern Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we don’t apply the cookie cutter methods. Our surgical procedures are tailored to you and only you based on your body type, shape and ideal image. 

The revolutionary vision of Modern Surgery includes convenience to schedule your surgery, the elite team to conduct your surgery safely, and the perfect “pain-free”hand off, after your successful recovery. Modern surgical techniques deployed by expert surgeons with less trauma to your body and faster recovery times. You can schedule your vacation/surgery with us with absolute confidence that your down time will be shorter than with any other surgical centers. 

This is the future of surgery, welcome to Modern Plastic Surgery & Med Spa of Miami.

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