Brazilian Butt Lift



A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a specialized fat transfer procedure that augments the size and shape of the buttocks without implants. Excess fat is removed from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs using liposuction, and a portion of this fat is then injected into the buttocks.


Most BBL patients can resume light activity within seven days post-op and return to work within seven to 10 days. Avoid strenuous exercising until you feel fully recovered, at around six to eight weeks.

Prior to your surgery, you’ll want to enlist a caretaker. This can be a friend or family member who is responsible for driving you home post-op, and assisting around the house for several days. Immediately after the procedure, you will experience some soreness, bruising, and swelling. There may also be an initial feeling of numbness. If you are in pain, tell your surgeon so they can prescribe medication to manage the discomfort in the coming days. When you arrive home, alternate between resting and taking short walks. The exercise is necessary to reduce swelling and support circulation. Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your body during the rehabilitation process. 

Remember not to put direct pressure on your buttocks. You will be advised to sleep on your side or stomach. Utilize a donut or booty pillow if you need to sit down. Make sure when seated that the pressure is on the posterior thighs, so it doesn’t impact the grafted fat. 

Week 1: During the first week, your surgeon will instruct you to wear a compression garment for the areas treated with liposuction to minimize swelling and fluid retention. It can also decrease discomfort and help the skin retract, according to the ASPS. Continue to utilize the booty pillow to keep pressure off your butt. Your surgeon may ask that you schedule a follow-up visit to review healing. Lymphatic massage is helpful to start at this time to help hasten healing and treat early scar tissue. 


Week 2-3: The pain and tenderness should subside dramatically. However, you may continue to experience slight swelling. Avoid sitting, unless utilizing your booty pillow. Consult your surgeon about whether or not you can begin driving. Avoid heavy lifting, and continue taking short walks.


Week 4-5: During weeks four to five, you can begin taking longer walks and resume light exercise. Do not lift heavy weights. You may also return to regular household chores. You may continue to feel slight pain or tenderness. If serious discomfort persists, call your surgeon immediately.


A majority of patients should no longer feel discomfort or soreness. If your recovery is going well, your surgeon will allow you to resume lower body exercise. By week six, you should also be able to see visible results of your liposuction and fat grafts. Note that up to 40 percent of the transferred fat may not survive, regardless of your recovery care.

This is a loose healing timeline. Everyone’s body is different. Factors such as age, health, and medical history can impact your individual recovery. Consult your surgeon for more information.

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